Fiverr Pro Review

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Starting price: $350

SERVICES: Instagram growth, Instagram MANAGEMENT

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Fiverr Pro Review In a Nutshell

Fiverr is one of the biggest marketplaces for digital sellers and buyers. These sellers are freelancers who offer their skills and talents to buyers, who can be small business owners, entrepreneurs, in need of the accomplishment of different digital projects.

Fiverr is free to join. Also, they don’t require any skill or aptitude test for freelancers to start selling their services. As a result, the platform keeps getting penetrated by low-quality services.

Fiverr responded to this crisis by launching Fiverr Pro. Basically, it’s the upgraded version of Fiverr. It unites freelance professionals and business buyers to get digital projects done.

We have tried a few top rated non-Pro sellers from Russia and India, and unfortunately the communication was unclear, and the outcomes were disappointing in general.

If it's within your budget, we recommend using Pro sellers and avoid  wasting your valuable time.

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Quality of Support

Average Response Time:   1 -48 hours

Friendly Response?   YES

Informative Response?: YES

Answer all questions? YES


Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form:   YES

Live Chat?   NO

Email Address?: NO

Phone Number? NO

Mailing Address? NO

User Reviews

4 5 1
It was ok. nothing impressive

5 5 1
Good experience with the seller. After a few exchanges of messages, they understood what I wanted for my IG. Thanks for your help.

5 5 1
Seller is knowledgeable and full of ideas. Would definitely recommend her services and order again. Has a lot of knowledge with which she can improve your projects. Superb! Thanks!

5 5 1
I am impressed! Highly recommended! Sometimes it's hard to justify paying a higher price than other sellers on fiverr, but he delivers and then some! Totally shocked on what we have already been able to accomplish with our social media account. Will continue to use his services!

4 5 1
Great work so far.

2 5 1
Got things together quickly. Not the results I really wanted.

3 5 1
It took longer than expected due to various hiccups.

4 5 1
Responsive, professional, and consistent. Great service!
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Note: Be wary of...

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